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Loo Loos, female-owned and operated, is proud to offer portable sanitation services across northern Arizona and Verde Valley, including Flagstaff, Holbrook, Strawberry, Pine, Payson, Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Sedona.

The days of dreading portable restroom use is over!

We strive to enhance health, dignity, and the overall individual experience.

Loo Loos is PROUD TO BE FORMALDEHYDE FREE (a known carcinogen). With our local waste treatment facilities in mind, we try to choose the greenest,  cleanest, best smelling products on the market today. We purchase locally, too.

Insistence on quality in everything.


Services 7 days a week


Loo Loos is dedicated to portable sanitation needs for commercial and residential construction. We work to enhance health and hygiene, dignity, and productivity. Starting at $125/month, units are thoroughly cleaned on a weekly basis or more frequent if requested, and include hand sanitizer, a pocket for your mobile phone and a hook large enough for PPE. Hand wash stations, $95/month. Multiple unit discounts offered.

Community Events

Loo Loos offers several options of PolyJohn products, including Bravo hand wash stations and XL Comfort wheelchair accessible restrooms (nice for families, too). Advance planning is appreciated, but please call if you have a last-minute request - we will do our best to facilitate your needs. Making your event a success is our priority. 


Enjoying time off the grid, hunting or recreating? Don’t pack up and drive back to town for service; let us come to you. Loo Loos has a one-ton, four-wheel drive vac truck and will provide you on-site service, starting at $35. Or, be the hero at hunting camp: order a portable restroom for your group, starting at $95.

Special Event For Family

Backyard party, family reunion, wedding - let us bring you a super clean, great smelling restroom, $125/day. Conserve water and reduce wear on your home: 20 guests using your bathroom could generate 800 gallons of water and waste; portable restrooms generate less than 40 gallons on average. Spacious, family friendly (and wheelchair accessible) restrooms,$200/day, and hand wash stations at $85/day - great to accompany food venues.

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